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What is Stranger Wayz?

To start off with, Stranger Wayz is a new HARD HOUSE record label that will cater for the many different tastes of Hard House out there. That includes the Bouncier, the Filthier, the Groovier, the Trancier and whatever other “ier’s” we or you can muster up. It’s all HardHouse to SW.

I’d like to quote to you the vocal sample from Stranger Wayz first release “Type 1”.

“Now we must understand this, there are two types of people. There are some people that like music kind of excitable, ok. And there are some other people that like music kind of mellow, Ok.

What we’ve got to get into our minds, is that if you’re a person that likes excitable music, DON’T mess with the person that likes mellow music, just let him do his thing ok. If you’re the kind of person that likes mellow music, DON’T get on the backs of the folks that like to get down!”

To me that say’s, respect each other, regardless of their prefered taste in music is. After all, music is there to be enjoyed, not moaned about!

That my friend, is exactly what Stranger Wayz is all about.


Stranger Wayz NEEDS YOU!!!

Stranger Wayz NEEDS YOU!!!

If you've been busy cooking up the next floor filling Hard House anthem, then we want to hear from you. Please send all tracks to DEMOS@STRANGERWAYZ.COM and we'll get back to you ASAP.

DJ Demos: We only accept track listed CD's, handed in at a Stranger Wayz event.

Stranger Wayz (Hard House - All Shapes & Sizes)


SW001A - Kye Shand and Strange Dave - Type 1 (take 2)

RELEASE DATE: Wed 1st July

SW002 - Groove Complex - Track Zero

RELEASE DATE: Wed 5th August


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